Direction Petroleum Corporation For Drilling And Maintenance Of Oil Wells.


The activities of Direction Petroleum Corporation are focused on petroleum exploration, production, petrochemicals, refining, marketing, and transportation. We at Direction Petroleum Corporation strive to manage and operate these integrated activities worldwide in the most efficient and professional manner, in addition to growing shareholder value whilst ensuring the optimum exploitation of Direction Petroleum Corporation.

Health , Safety and Environment

Safety continues to be challenging in our operating environment. BAPETCO is committed to and prioritises HSE and Asset Integrity in order to create a safe working environment and protect our assets. We have implemented the life-saving rules and work closely with staff and contractors to further HSE compliance. Initiatives in this area focus on road and worksite safety, developing safety leadership.

Direction Universal is planning to capitalize on its management and personnel large expertise on the business environment in kuwait and by bringing together a highly experienced team and a deep commitment to customer care services. Direction Universal is planning to go internationally as the need and the opportunity may arise.

Why Choose Us?


For Contracting and Engineering Works, including the supply of equipments, tools and accessories, materials and furnitures.

Best Quality

It is quality rather than quantity that matters.

Best Services

Make a customer, not a sale.


Direction company is an organization has been realized by the strong support of our employees, who continue to demonstrate excellence in performance in every aspect of their job. Their commitment and dedication are central to our business philosophy and have propelled the Group's growth.

  • The company is an integrated corporation; with specialists who have the skills to operate our business in both E&P and Petroleum Services, capable of delivering strong growth by identifying and focusing on selected high value activities and securing optimum operating expenses, which would create value for our shareholders investments.

Direction Petroleum Corporation For Drilling And Maintenance Of Oil Wells.