Directional universal for general trade. & cont.

Our Goal

Support for vision in providing excellent service in the field of financial services to meet our ambitious goals achieved through credibility dealing with the best of modern electronic systems to connect the integrated mechanism linking branches to provide service with precision and high speed.

Development and live up to the highest professional levels during our business and outstanding employment insurance so we established our branches and infrastructure in most States. We have relationships.

  • Great Customer Service.
  • Get better exchange rates when transferring money internationally.
  • These values inspire our service and how who trust in our experience.

Direction universal Company was founded as a result of merging more than one company whom decided to work together by founding a constructional and Trade Company. It's located in Kuwait. The company has grown steadily over the years, with no decline in growth. It's working in contracts in one hand and trade and business on the other hand within managerial skills, administrative engineering and trade well organized system.

Why Choose Us?

Foreign Exchange

We offer a wide range of foreign currencies for your daily needs.

Import/Export Services

By sea, air, road or rail, We gets your goods delivered.


Secure Shipping/Delivery of high-value, sensitive, liquid or fragile items.


Our services aid the safe design, construction and management of buildings, highways, railways, bridges and more. We’ll assist you in the design, construction and maintenance.

  • We invest the time to understand our clients and become part of their organization and culture.
  • We learn from each project experience and promote continuous improvement and best practices.
  • We embrace our social and philanthropic responsibility to give back to the community.
  • We succeed because we do these things.

Directional universal for general trade. & cont.